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MIP appealed to Facebook management about the introduction of anti-fake mechanisms in the Ukrainian segment of the social network

"We have analyzed the Internet space, given consideration to users' requests, and appealed to the management of the social network Facebook with the request to develop a mechanism to combat fake news for the Ukrainians by analogy with other countries. In turn, MIP is ready to assist the process on the instructions of the network management", - the Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets commenting the appeal.

According to him, the social network in Ukraine is gaining popularity among users and is a source of information for many media. Therefore, the Ukrainians, in turn, have the right to receive accurate and truthful information on Facebook.

Recall that recently the Facebook management has announced the introduction of anti-fake mechanisms in the United States and Germany. They will provide users the ability to mark news as unreliable for further consideration by a corresponding agency.

The appeal was sent in English.

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