Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine

MIP: Ukrainian-British Consultations on Countering Cyber Threats Held in London

On March 19-20, Head of the Sector for Strategic Communications of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksii Tarabukin participated in the first round of Ukrainian-British interagency consultations on countering cyber threats.

Within the framework of the consultations, the members of the Ukrainian delegation met with representatives of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and portfolio agencies responsible for UK cyber security, the Cyber Police and the National Cyber Security Centre.

During the course of the working meetings, Mr Tarabukin drew attention to the problem of effective communications with society during cyberattacks. MIP’s Head of the Sector for Strategic Communications stressed the need to develop the effective crisis communications system in Ukraine to ensure appropriate interagency coordination between the institutions in the event of a crisis, to inform society about the current situation with overcoming the crisis and preventing information disorder, chaos and disinformation in mass media.

In addition, Mr Tarabuking held a bilateral working meeting with Andy Pryce, the Head of Counter Disinformation and Media Development Programme, FCO.

The sides discussed the current situation with the dissemination of Russian propaganda in Europe, including Ukraine and the Baltic states, and stressed the need to intensify Ukrainian-British cooperation in terms of combatting propaganda, with the active participation of Ukrainian NGOs as well.

Separately, the issue of blocking Ukrainian activists on Facebook through efforts of Russian bot farms was discussed. Mr Pryce assured he was ready to assist in establishing direct and effective dialogue between Ukraine and the Facebook administration with a view to precipitate the quick settlement of such incidents in the future.

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