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MIP: Tvoia Kraina Fest, Ukrainian Music Festival, to Take Place in Seven Frontline Towns

On 30 July 2018, a press conference titled ‘Presenting the Music Festival Tvoia Kraina Fest’ was held at Ukrinform’s press centre.


The festival will be held with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine in seven Ukrainian cities in August-September, featuring famous Ukrainian singers and bands – Foma and the Mandry band, Tartak, Antytila, Mariia Burmaka, Gypsy Lyre, Ivanka Chervinska, and GrozovSka Band.

“Pursuant to the President’s decree on support for the Ukrainian language has initiated and is launching a grand project – Ukrainian music in Ukrainian towns. We want high-quality Ukrainian music to reach places where people rather seldom can listen to it live,” the State Secretary of MIP, Artem Bidenko, was quoted as saying.

On 11 August, a concert will take place in Izmail (Odesa Region, bordering Romania); 18 August, Henichesk (Kherson Region, administrative border with occupied Crimea); 24 August, Mariupol (Donetsk Region, the JFO zone); 8 September, Konotop (Sumy Region, bordering Russia); 15 September, Mukacheve (Zakarpattia Region, bordering Hungary); 22 September, Novoselyshche (Chernivtsi Region, bordering Romania and Moldova); 29 September, Sarny (Rivne Region, bordering Belarus).


According to Serhiy Fomenko (Foma), frontman of the Mandry band, the participants of the festival will vary in each town depending on the artists’ engagement. “Each of the artists represented on the festival has their own audience. Therefore, we will be able to encompass as many people as possible and, by means of cultural communication, unite them around the Ukrainian language, the Ukrainian idea,” he stressed.

Mariia Burmaka, People’s Artist of Ukraine, noted that she had adjusted her tour to participate in Tvoia Kraina Fest. “Thanks to this festival, towns could for some time become cultural centres of their respective regions. Music is an important element of cultural diplomacy, and going to such frontline towns, from the perspective of statehood, is important,” the singer considers.

According to Taras Topolia, frontmen of Antytila, during the concert each artist will not only sing but also “talk onstage about important things.” “Such form of presentation will help improve the socio-political atmosphere in frontline cities, where some things are not that easy now,” the singer added.


Oleksandr Polozhynskyi, frontman of the Tartak band, stressed that owing to his participating in the festival, he will be able to perform in such towns as Henichesk or Izmail – for the first time in the 22 years that he sings. “This will be a win-win for us, artists, since we will be able to bring our shows, songs, energy on to new audiences, and the towns themselves, since they will be visited by professional artists, whose concerts always bring out the best performances and are supported by the audience,” he noted.

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