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Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day

Within the framework of marking memorable dates and events, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine presents the communication campaign on the occasion of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day.

The Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day is marked on February 20th every year according to the President's order dated 11 February 2015 "On Honouring the Heroic Deeds of the Participants of the Revolution of Dignity and Perpetuating the Memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes."

105 Heavenly Hundred heroes were postmortem awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, with three foreigners--Mykhailo Zhyznevskyi from Belarus and Zurab Khurtsiia and Davyd Kipiani from Georgia--were postmortem awarded the Order of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes. Ukraine paid too high a price for liberating from the dictatorship and its civilisational choice--being part of Europe.

The videos were recognised as public social advertising and are being broadcast on national and regional TV channels, at cinema halls, and on the Internet.


Також МІП підтримало бордову кампанію Національного Меморіального Комплексу Героїв Небесної Сотні - Музею Революції Гідності.


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