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MIP, National Police Hold Workshop for Female Journalists on Online Safety

On April 25th, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine together with the National Police of Ukraine, the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine, the Institute of Mass Information and Google Ukraine held a workshop “Online Security for Female Journalists. Preventing Cyberbullying on the Internet.”

According to the Institute of Mass Information (IMI), female journalists are more prone to Internet threats. IMI’s opinion polls reveal that 42% of Ukrainian female journalists have faced Internet threats, including trolling, bot attacks, account hacks, blackmailing, and fishing.

Accordingly, Internet safety is of current concern for women working in the media field.

The workshop was designed in a way so that female journalists would learn applied instruments for personal online safety, what to do in the case of cybercrimes, and how to consult with a psychologist and lawyer to respond correctly to cyberbullying relative to their professional activity.

According to the State Secretary of the Ministry, Artem Bidenko, protection of freedom of speech and of the professional activity of journalists is one of the priorities of the Ministry’s work. “One of the tasks of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine is securing conditions for free and quality journalism in Ukraine,” he said.

The Head of the Council of Europe Office, Morten Enberg, supported the work carried out by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine within the framework of its cooperation with the Council of Europe Platform, and stressed that the mechanism of timely responding to alerts created by Ukraine is quite effective.

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