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MIP: Exhibition "Stolen Crimea. The History of Deportation" Comes to End in Kyiv

On 26 May 2019, the exhibition “Stolen Crimea. The History of Deportation,” created with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine for the 75th anniversary of Crimean Tatar deportation, came to an end.

On the last day of the exhibition, it was attended by Emine Dzhaparova, the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine; Mustafa Dzhemilev, the Commissioner of the President for the Crimean Tatar people; and Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, frontman of the Okean Elzy band.

“It is an honourable end of a tremendous project that was prepared by fifty people; that united Crimea and Ukraine; that told the story of deportation not only through figures and information but through feelings and images, symbols and sounds, light and colour. It is an honourable end of the work for the whole team!” Ms Dzhaparova was quoted as saying.

The arts project “Stolen Crimea. The History of Deportation” includes 11 installations, where Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar artists reflect upon painful historical events through art and modern digital means.

“Our fates, those of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, are very similar. They always wanted to confine us. They wanted, throughout history, not to let us be ourselves. There is a very great respect for the entire people who was deported to Central Asia, and later returned to its homeland and is still nurturing its own culture,” Mr Vakarchuk said of the exhibition.

The project is designed to show the emotions and the essence of the tragic events that repeat themselves century after century, and remind ourselves that unpunished and unjudged evil grows and attacks again. On 18-20 May 1944, by the order of the Soviet authorities, all Crimean Tatars were forcibly taken to Central Asia and the Ural. 46.2 percent of the people died in the first years of deportation. The deportation saw the entire culture destroyed with its customs and traditions.

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