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MIP: UkraineNOW Presented at Ukrainian Creative Awards in Odesa

On 29 May 2019, the Chief Specialist of the Sector for Promotion of Ukraine in the World, Sophia Dzhurynska, presented Ukraine’s single brand, UkraineNOW, at Ukrainian Creative Awards in Odesa.

“Now is the time when a new country is being born. This ‘boom-time’ is the best time to live in. It is because, when changes happen, new opportunities emerge—for investment, for tourism, for startups, for creating new products, or for HR neds. It is what the UkraineNOW brand tells about,” Ms Dzhurynska said.

In other events, Ukrainian Creative Awards saw a panel discussion titled “Public Social Advertising: UkraineNOW as A Driver of Promoting Ukraine Worldwide,” which featured screenings of promotion videoclips about Ukraine which were broadcast on BBC, CNN, and Euronews in 2018.

Visitors to Ukrainian Creative Awards were able to collect materials printed out with the Ministry’s support and promotion products with the UkraineNOW brand, including stickers, travel guides “Odesa & Region Travel Guide,” the magazine “Opening Ukraine to the World. East Dnipro Region,” pencils, and eco-pens.

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