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MIP: Experts Discuss Facebook Policy toward Countering Information Threats

On 2 July, at 2:00pm, a round table titled “Can Facebook be Effective in Countering Hate Speech and Disinformation? The Transparency of Algorithms and Users’ Rights”, organised by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and Internews Ukraine, an NGO, was held at the press centre of the Ukrinform news agency.

Media experts, government specialists and members of civil society discussed legislation setting out the rulebook for social media; steps taken by tech companies to combat disinformation and hybrid warfare; and Facebook’s policies towards hate speech and other risk content in the run-up to elections. They also spoke of social media users’ rights, including whether Facebook users or states influence its policies, and what Ukrainian Facebook users should do in case of their content being deleted or blocked.
The Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Dmytro Zolotukhin, spoke about the Ministry’s experience in communicating with the Facebook management and outlined the most pressing challenges.
“I believe that there are two key issues in Facebook’s policy with regard to content, in particular hate speech and disinformation. The first issue, I think, is that there is no reaction to content that is harmful to Ukraine, that is the users that spread hate speech against Ukraine and Ukrainians are not deleted or punished. And, the second key issue is that the content and the users are deleted that we think should not be punished. This includes, say, volunteers, Ukrainian journalists,” the Deputy Minister said.
Mr Zolotukhin added that the Ukrainian side has raised those and other issues before Facebook representatives, and later, Kateryna Kruk, the newly appointed Facebook Policy Manager for Ukraine.

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