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MIP: Language Market, Educational Festival, Held in Uzhhorod

On 27 July 2019, Language Market, a large-scale foreign language learning festival, organised by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, took place in Uzhhorod.

As part of the festival, open lectures, workshops, speaking clubs and presentations of language schools were held on the central square of the city. Visitors were able to test their English, take part in an English language context for free, and join in a mass English lesson.

The Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Maryna Sobotiuk, presented the event, noting that this year it promotes not only foreign languages but the study and improvement of Ukrainian via public social videoclips and a special programme from a People’s Artist of Ukraine. Language Market is a creative and interesting opportunity to brush up on your Ukrainian and encourage learning Ukrainian, since this year Serhii Fomenko (Foma), the frontman of the band “Mandry”, presents titled “Lifehacks: How to Encourage Foreigners to Speak Ukrainian.”

The festival also featured open air screenings of films created on the Ministry’s order. Volodymyr Zhemchuhov, Hero of Ukraine and Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, presented the documentary film “Prisoners of the Kremlin” and spoke of Russian aggression in the Donbas.

In turn, Ms Sobotiuk presented “Djakuyu” and “Bon Appetit”, two English-language films about hospitable and picturesque Ukraine.

In addition, visitors to the festival were treated to a concert and many other activities. The youngest visitors were entertained at an art zone for kids.

“Despite short spells of rain, wee managed to pull off all foreign language learning activities we had planned. In a special zone, polyglot Vitalii Zubkov held a workshop for visitors and presented his method of learning languages, the idea being that language is to be acquired and not learnt,” said Mariia Bohuslav, coordinator at Lingva Skills.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine in cooperation with Lingva Skills, a social initiative for learning foreign languages, at the initiative of the Students’ Council under the Ministry.

Earlier, Language Market was held in Chernivtsi on 20 July.

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