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MIP: Organisers, Artists Creatively Summarise II Ukrainian Music Festival "Tvoia Kraina Fest"

On 30 July 2019, a summary press conference was held at the press centre of the Ukrinform news agency on the results of the II Ukrainian Music Festival “Tvoia Kraina Fest”, organised with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

The organisers and artists spoke of this year’s concert tour and shared their plans to expand the geography and format of the festival.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, Artem Bidenko, stressed the key goals and concept of the project. He added that “those events were aimed at promoting the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian music and culture—everything Ukrainian in frontline towns, where many people are in need of Ukrainian content. [The festival] was understandably not only about music, concerts, Foma, Burmaka or ‘SKAI’—it was about everything we call Ukrainian identity. During the concerts, we distributed books and brochures, and spoke of Ukraine’s culture and history. Quite literally, it was a landmark event in the lives of those frontline towns.”

Serhii Fomenko, frontman of the band “Mandry”, underscored that the combination of face-to-face communication and music was an important feature of the concerts. “Apart from culture and language, it was also communication among Ukrainian in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the festival. It is indeed an utter fantasy that people living in Chornomorsk or Berdiansk are different from those living in Mukachevo or, say, Shostka or Korosten. People want everything to be positive and okay. Wherever we performed, people wanted to feel part of Ukraine. And there is no better way [to achieve this] than through culture, music, which is an all-purpose art.”

Mariia Burmana, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, said that it was important for the artists that Ukrainian song were quite well received by the audience, especially in the southern towns, despite the fact that Ukrainian artists rarely perform there. “In our country, Ukrainians go on holidays either to Odesa or two three resort towns—Berdiansk, Skadovsk, Chornomorsk. And, as a rule, Ukrainian artists had never performed there at all. People were coming up to us and thanking us for the festival and its theme. People were singing along with us.”

Yurii Koshel, the executive director of “Tvoia Kraina Fest”, thanked everyone who worked on the concert tour, noting that the format of this year’s festival was not an easy one, especially in terms of organisation, which, however, did not prevent it being top-notch.

Curiously enough, the press conference ended with a musical surprise, with Serhii Fomenko and Mariia Burmaka performing live several Ukrainian songs.

This year’s festival “Tvoia Kraina Fest”, held on 15 June—4 July, took place in seven Ukrainian towns—Korosten, Chernihiv, Mukachevo, Shostka, Berdiansk, Skadovsk and Chornomorsk.

The festival featured such performers as Serhii Fomenko (Foma), Mariia Burmaka, Ivanka Chervinska, Oksana Mukha, and the bands “Mandry”, “Druha Rika”, “SKAI”, “Gypsy Lyre”, and “Vasya Club”.

The festival sought to unite territorial communities and audiences of various ages and ethnic origin in frontline and remote Ukrainian cities and towns by virtue of cultural communication; to promote the Ukrainian language; and to preserve and develop spiritual and moral values of the Ukrainian people through quality Ukrainian music.

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