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MIP' Statement Regarding Criminal Case against Crimean Tatar Journalist Hulsum Khalilova

Crimea's "occupational authorities", namely the Crimean branch of Russia's Federal Security Service, have initiated criminal proceedings against Hulsum Khalilova, a Crimean Tatar journalist and news presenter at TV channel "ATR". She is accused of "participating in an armed formation in the territory of a foreign state" under article 208 of the Criminal Code of Russia.

The "court" in occupied Crimea has ordered that Ms Khalilova remand in custody durante absentia, and put her on the international wanted list.

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine condemns persecutions of journalists in Russia-annexed Crimea and calls upon international organisations and journalists' communities to respond, in an appropriate way, to Russia's actions against Crimean Tatar journalist Hulsum Khalilova.

"The prepostrous case against Hulsum Khalilova continues the occupant's policy since 2014 of doing away with freedom of speech in Crimea by attacking journalists and news media. Today, it has moved on to persecuting civil journalists. The purpose is to instill utter fear and subjugation to the system; to suppress freedom of speech and destroy civic institutions. Again, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine draws the world community's attention to flagrant violations of human rights in Crimea, and persecutions of journalists and civic activists," the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets, was quoted as saying.

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