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Emine Dzhaparova Tells Foreign Students about Situation in Occupied Crimea

On 6 August 2019, the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Emine Dzhaparova, met with foreign students interning with the Centre for Civil Liberties, an NGO.

Ms Dzhaparova told the students about the situation in annexed Crimea after Russia’s illegal occupation of the peninsula, including violations of human rights, fundamental freedoms, safety and security of person; religiously motivated persecutions; widespread cases of illegal searches and fines; and the Russian occupational authorities’ crackdown on local journalists.

The First Deputy Minister stressed: “The international community must respond to Russia’s illegal actions in Crimea in an adequate manner, severing political, diplomatic, and sanctions pressure with a view to putting an end to human rights abuses and persecutions of Crimean Tatars. Although a powerful international coalition that actively supports Ukraine does exist at the moment, pressure on Russia needs to be constantly mounted, raising the price of its continued armed aggression and demanding that Ukrainian territories be completely deoccupied.”

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