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MIP: Film "Bon Appetit" Shortlisted for Seoul International Film Festival

“Bon Appetit”, a short feature film produced on the order of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, has been shortlisted for Seoul International Food Film Festival, to be held in Seoul, South Korea, on 6—11 September 2019.

“The Ukrainian short feature film, which embodies Ukraine and France’s friendship, will be seen as far afield as South Korea. And this is only the beginning. It will soon take part in at least seven international film festivals,” says Maryna Sobotiuk, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy on International Communication.

The film tells the story of two cooks, Mykola from Ukraine and Patrick from France, who managed to combine the gastronomical opportunities of Ukraine and France and create a new unique taste.

The idea of the film belongs to the Ministry, and was translated into life by the Best Friends Film company.

The film "Bon Appetit" is a sequel to the last-year film "Djakuyu", which features a Japanese man travelling about Ukraine and showing it to global audiences.

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