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Key Goals of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport for 2025

On 29 September 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved, and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada, its Action Plan 2025.

The Plan sets out the following key goals for the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Ukraine.


Goal 4.1. Ukrainians have a sense of belonging in the single Ukrainian cultural space


Ukrainian citizens must feel engaged in the single Ukrainian cultural space. For this purpose, we plan to create special programmes at national museums, i.e. strengthen institutional capabilities of museums, improving their staff’s professional skills, transition from “collection” to “learning and communication” practise, and foster interdisciplinarity in culture.

We will order production of modern Ukrainian and foreign plays and compositions by state theatres, concert halls and philharmonics, which will lead to the development of Ukrainian composing, translation, direction, writing, and performing social capital, its integration into the global context, and the strengthening of the global role of Ukraine.

We will also support the creation of socially important content, including films, TV shows, radio, digital, and literature, which encourages citizens to have a sense of belonging in Ukraine; understand and recognise Ukraine’s vision; and share this vision.

We plan to launch programmes to encourage schoolchildren and young people to travel around Ukraine (250,000 in 2020, and not less than 500,000 per year since 2021).


Goal 4.2. People have a choice and opportunity to use cultural services available


We plan to increase the number of places for public dialogue, ranging from a new Museum of Modern Arts, the soon-to-be-finished projects of the Heavenly Hundred Museum and Memorial, and the second stage of the construction of the Holodomor Museum to state support for cultural and social infrastructure for communities, i.e. multifunctional centres designed to serve as the main attraction in every region.

We will ensure better cultural services by stepping up competition, introducing state support for projects and programmes instead of subsidising production groups; inaugurating state cultural institutions for alternative projects and events; launching procurements for the Museum Fund of Objects of Culture.

We will enhance transparency and effectiveness of the system by attracting additional resources to develop monuments via the public-private partnership management mechanism; creating and filling in the national register of cultural heritage sites; introducing a single e-ticket for all institutions of arts and culture; severing punishments for negligent treatment of national heritage; creating conditions for the legal arts market via pertinent legislation.

This will raise the contribution of cultural and creative products, sport, tourism to 12—14% of GDP.


Goal 4.3. Ukrainians, especially young people, have an opportunity to take an active part in public life


We want to change the perception of the notions of “mine” and” public” and engage active and ardent people so that they understand and feel their influence on changes around them via direct action, i.e. by participating in NGOs or any other undertakings beneficial for society.

We will achieve this through supporting volunteer programmes and social activities. We will create conditions and incentives that will encourage taking part in socially beneficial activities. Charity and volunteering must become a field with clear-cut and transparent rules ensured by self-regulation and co-regulation mechanisms.

This will raise people’s social activity and mobility, which will merit economic mobility and labour efficiency.


Goal 4.4. Ukrainians understand the importance of physical training and do it regularly


Since systematic physical training improves the quality of people’s lives and national well-being, the respective state policy will be more focused on mass sport and physical culture.

In partnership with local communities, we will launch a programme of constructing multifunctional sports facilities and extend access to existing sports infrastructure (training camps, stadiums, etc.) as much as possible.

State support for the sport of records will provide for successful promotion and active functioning of mass sport by sports federations. This will require change of state support for the sport of records via compulsory support and involvement of large numbers of people in doing sports as one of the criteria of financing. The number of sports financed by the state will be reduced.

It is understandable that existing financial constraints require focusing on a limited number of prioritised sports subsidised by the state, which will lead to our country’s significantly enhanced reputation and prestige in those sports. Necessary incentives for investment in sports infrastructure must be created.

This will raise the contribution of cultural and creative products, sport, tourism to 12—14% of GDP.


Goal 4.5. Ukrainians are faced with less manipulative and fake news, messages and publications


In terms of hybrid warfare, critical thinking, conscious consumption of information content, and resilience to manipulations and aggressive news are important. Still, in an intense flow of information even a person with critical thinking skills may be taken in by manipulative and fake information. This might lead them to conclusions or actions that will, eventually, do them harm in the manipulator’s interest.

Therefore, we will create appropriate conditions for the media services market, expand opportunities for informing the population in the temporary occupied territories, and foster the creation of a quality information environment via detecting manipulative content (through self-regulation and co-regulation mechanisms) and supporting media products that will counter information aggression.

Particular attention will be paid to information attacks by the aggressor State so that their impact on Ukrainian citizens will be mitigated, including by takin action to halve the consumption of the aggressor State’s content.

Taken together, this will allow mitigating the impact of fake news on Ukrainian citizens, in particular reducing social conflicts.


Goal 4.6. People actively travel around Ukraine for touristic purposes


Ukraine is rife with objects of nature, history, and culture, which can attract millions of tourists from all over the world. We want to create opportunities for travelling around Ukraine for both Ukrainians and foreigners. To this end, the role of Ukraine in global tourism is planned to be defined, brands for existing places of interest will be created, and internal and external promotion campaigns regarding them will be launched.

Of no less importance of Ukraine’s promotion is its participation in existing and new European cultural and touristic routes. The cooperation and integration of different communities on the basis of history, cultural heritage, and places of touristic interest will make for further business cooperation and investment in communities.

This will raise the contribution of cultural and creative products, sport, tourism to 12—14% of GDP.

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