Міністерство інформаційної політики України

March 24 marks one month of Ukraine's invincibility

March 24 marks one month of the fierce struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression. This is one month of our invincibility. Ukraine not only holds back the Russian army, but also defeats its enemy at the diplomatic level. The whole world admires the resilience of Ukraine, the courage of its soldiers, national unity in the struggle for their values. 

The level of trust and gratitude of our people to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense forces and volunteers is unprecedented. Ukrainians are helping the military, stopping tanks with their bare hands and holding protests in occupied cities. The invaders' plans to quickly seize our land have failed thanks to such synergy and the efforts of invincible people who love their homeland above all. 

The enemy continues to rage and terrorize civilians. The occupiers launch missile strikes at residential buildings and hospitals, lay siege to entire cities and shell humanitarian corridors. The crimes being committed by Russia are commensurate with crimes committed by Hitler. In addition, the Kremlin began to directly threaten other European states. No country is untouchable for Russia and its missiles. 

At the same time, it is obvious that Russian propaganda has failed. No one believes the Russians anymore no matter how hard they are trying to justify their brutal aggression against a peaceful country. All citizens around the world support Ukraine, and the pressure on Russia will only increase until it withdraws its troops from Ukraine. 

Demonstrating to the world that we are united as never before, under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, an identity has been developed that will be used today as a symbol of the Ukrainian struggle. 

Please use the identity in all possible communications, adapt the proposed logo for all sites and platforms, as well as mark the materials with the hashtag #MySylni #StrongerTogether. We must be united as never before. After the victory, we have a lot of work to do, but we will live in a free and democratic European country. 

Graphic materials at the link: https://fex.net/ru/s/bazsmdx 

Victory will be ours! 

Адреса цієї сторінки: http://mkip.gov.ua/news/6994.html
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