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The children's music school, where the occupiers built their hospital, now needs help in reconstruction

During the full-scale invasion, russians managed to occupy some part of Kharkiv region. One of these occupied cities was Balakliia, where russians placed a hospital for their wounded in the building of the music school.

Now, after the de-occupation of the region, this institution needs help in reconstruction so that children can continue to be creative.

Description of the institution

The school was commissioned in 1971.

The first sections were piano, folk and theoretical. In 1990, a choral department was opened, and in 1994, the art department. Before the full-scale invasion of russia, the school had 320 students who studied the piano, bayan, accordion, balalaika, domra, violin, cello, and also tried their hand at vocal, choral singing, and visual arts classes.


In the building of the music school, the enemy set up a hospital for their wounded. During the hostilities, the building was damaged, windows, electrical wiring, ceiling, heating system and facade were damaged.

You can help the children of Balakliia to return to studying art here.


It should be reminded, earlier the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko instructed the representatives of the authority of the de-occupied Balakliia and Izium to form a list of urgent needs in order to have time to repair some buildings before the cold weather.

He also handed over modern Ukrainian books to the Balakliia and Izium communities.

“The war against Ukrainian books and Ukrainian culture is evidence of the true intentions of the russians, it is their way to destroy the self-identification of the Ukrainian city, the Ukrainian spirit,” said Oleksandr Tkachenko.

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